Buy A Giant Teddy Bear

Welcome to A Giant Teddy, where we are serious about giant stuffed teddy bears. Teddy bears are the classic kids toy and I am sure that most of you have fond memories of childhood teddy bears. What could be better than a soft and cuddly teddy bear? How about a giant 6 foot plus teddy bear.

6 Foot Tall Teddy Bears

Here is our list of the best 6 foot tall teddy bears available. Enjoy.

Sunny Cuddles Teddy Bear

Made By: Giant Teddy.
Size: 6 Feet.
Color: Brown.
Material: Polyester Velour exterior and new polyester filling.
Style: Traditional.

Joyfay Giant Teddy Bear

Made By: Joyfay
Size: 6.5 Feet.
Color: White.
Material: Fluffy white polyester. Non clumping poly fiber fill.
Style: Traditional.

Cozy Cuddles Teddy Bear

Made By: Giant Teddy.
Size: 6 Feet.
Color: Vanilla (Off white.)
Material: Velour exterior and new polyester filling. Made in the USA.
Style: Traditional.

Giant Pink Teddy Bear

Made By: Joyfay.
Size: 6.6 Feet.
Color: Pink.
Material: Huggable Velour exterior and new, never recycled fiber filling.
Style: Traditional.

Dark Brown Giant Teddy

Made By: Joyfay.
Size: 6.5 Feet.
Color:Dark Brown.
Material: All new 100% polyester filling and velour exterior fabric. No harmful chemicals.
Style: Traditional.

Sky Blue Bear

Made By: Giant Teddy.
Size: 6 Feet.
Color: Blue.
Material: Cuddly & Huggable Velour exterior and new, never recycled fiber filling.
Style: Traditional.

Giant Plush Panda Bear

Made By: Giant Teddy.
Size: 6 Feet (71 Inches).
Color: Black & White.
Material: Polypropylene.
Style: Non traditional. Panda Bear.

Shaggy Cuddles Teddy Bear

Made By: Giant Teddy.
Color: Tan.
Material: Super soft plush polyester material.
Style: Traditional.
shaggy teddy bear

Purple Shaggy Teddy

Made By: Mr Bear Cares.
Color: Purple.
Material: Made with durability in mind with new textiles and filling.
Style: Traditional.

Questions On 6 Foot Giant Teddy Bears

What should I look for in a giant teddy bear?

You want to choose a good brand like those pictured above. Try to find a company that is domestic as a lot of cheaper products tend to be imported from overseas. Also, make sure that the manufacturer uses all new stuffing, nothing recycled.

Who would like a 6 foot teddy bear?

The real question is who wouldn’t? To answer the question, if you have a young child, you can pretty much guarantee that they will love it. There is just nothing like waking up to find one of these giant creatures staring at you. If you are giving one of these to your sweetheart, you should consider a few things first. Most women will love them but if she is an extremely practical person, she might not appreciate a huge bear. They are more of a novelty than a practicality and take up quite a bit of space.

How much will a giant bear like this cost?

For quality, you should expect to spend around $150 to $200. You might be able to find cheaper but they generally look and feel cheap. Why make a grand gesture like this and then cheap out to save a few bucks?

Is 6 feet tall the largest bear I can get?

What, a 6 foot bear is not big enough? Well, there are a few bears in the neighborhood of 6.5 feet to 7 feet but trust me, 6 feet is big enough. After that the bears really get unmanageable. Remember, you still need to move this thing around your home.

Is a 6 foot giant teddy bear really the best gift?

This is for you to decide. Just about any child would love it but not every adult would. Some might find it entirely to impractical but others might find it quite cute. Only you know the personality of the one receiving this gift so only you can make that decision.

Life Size Giant Teddy Bear Tips

If you are looking for a life size teddy bear, you need to choose carefully. This is a big purchase, literally. It is something that everyone will notice when they come in a room so you need to choose the right one. Here are some tips and things to take into account.

Don’t Buy A Cheap Bear

You truly get what you pay for with teddy bears. If you think that you are going to find a $50 6 foot tall bear of any quality, you are wrong. If you find one in that price range, you will probably find that it looks quite odd or it even comes unstuffed. Worse case scenario, it might even have used stuffing. Expect to pay at least $100 for a decent human sized teddy bear.

Buy Domestic Stuffed Animals

This once again speaks to quality. Domestic made bears are typically made to higher standards than cheap foreign bears. Domestic manufacturers also understand what you are looking for. Their product will meet your expectations and look like the traditional American teddy bear.

Know Your Stuffed Bear Recipient

Only you know the person that you are buying this bear for. Do they really want one that is giant? Is a 6 foot bear the right size or would they rather have one that is 5 foot or even 4 foot. Choose the right sized bear for the person and for the amount of space that they have to store it.

Buy Your Giant Bear Early

This is especially true around the peak holidays like Valentine’s Day. Manufacturers do not always have enough stock to meet demand. Certain bears will almost always sell out. If you want to have your pick of the litter and if you want to get the best price, buy early.