Big Teddy Bears (3-4 Feet)

Looking for a big bear can be a challenge. You can search all day and not be sure which one is the best. We are here to help you. Here is our list of the top 3 foot tall teddy bears. They are chosen based on quality, price and review. Enjoy.

  • Smiling Big Teddy
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    Made by: Big Plush.
    Size: 3 Feet.
    Color: Brown
    Why We Like It: A well reviewed quality bear made by a respected company.  You can find cheaper but you get what you pay for.
    3 foot teddy
  • Joon 38″ Bear
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    Made By: Joon.
    Size: 3 Feet ( 38 Inches).
    Color: Tan.
    Why We Like It: Great price for the size of bear and extremely well reviewed online. Cute bowtie.
    Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 1.38.46 PM
  • Jumbo Brown Bear
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    Made By: Melissa & Doug.
    Size:3 Feet.
    Color: Brown.
    Why We Like It: Melissa and Doug sell some high quality products and this one is very well reviewed. We also like that it sits on its own.
    doug 3 foot bear
  • Joon 38″ Pink Bear
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    Made By: Joon.
    Size: 3 Feet (38 Inches).
    Color: Pink.
    Why We Like It: It is so hard to find a nice pink teddy bear. This one is of great quality and is well reviewed. Notice the detail on the feet.
    pink 3 foot bear
  • 36″ BigPlush Teddy Bear
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    Made By: Big Plush
    Size: 3 Feet.
    Color: White.
    Why We Like It: We like the company and this is a truly unique little bear with good reviews. Just look at how fuzzy he is. Love it.
    white-3 feet-bear
  • Baby Blue Bear
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    Made By: Joon
    Size: 3 Feet.
    Color: Blue.
    Why We Like It: This cute little bear has good reviews and comes in a unique baby blue color. Your baby or significant other will love it.
    blue-3 foot