Ginormous Teddy Bears

If you are going to gift a teddy bear, why not make it a ginormous one. Make a statement with a truly huge teddy bear. You will not believe the reaction that you will get. Finding the perfect bear is not that easy though. Here is a collection of some of the best bears on the market,

  1. Sunny Cuddles
    This huge bear is made with a polyester velour fabric and stuffed with polyester filling. It stands 6 feet tall, if it could stand of course. A traditional style bear in a classic brown finish.
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  2. Coco Cuddles
    Looking for a ginormous teddy bear in white? Here you go. This snow white bear by Giant Teddy might be just the perfect thing for you and it measures in at 6 feet.
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  3. Lady Cuddles
    If pink is the thing that you are looking for, check out this bear in a huggable pink velour fabric. Stuffed with all new polyfill, it is sure to be a hit.
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  4. Dark Brown Giant Teddy
    Kick it up a bit with a bear that goes over 6 feet in height. This 6.5 foot bear by Joyfay redefines the term ginormous. It comes finished with dark brown velour fabric.
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  5. Giant Plush Panda Bear
    Yep, its a huge panda. Who does not love a cuddly panda, especially one that tops out at almost 6 feet, 71 inches to be exact.
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  6. Purple Shaggy Teddy
    For something a little different, consider this purple shaggy bear by Big Plush. American made, you’ll love to run your fingers through his shaggy hair.
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  7. Smiling Big Teddy
    This bear just plain looks happy and why shouldn’t he be. It is fun to be a ginormous teddy bear. This one measures in a little smaller but still huge at 5 feet tall.
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    5 foot bear

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