Big Life Size Teddy Bears

Looking for a big life sized teddy bear for a gift? We are here to make your life a bit easier. Here is our list of the best five to six foot teddy bears for sale online.

  • Smiling Big Teddy
    Made By: Big Plush.
    Size: 5 Feet.
    Color: Tan.
    Why We Like It: Big Plush makes quality bears with new, never recycled stuffing. They do not skimp on stuffing or materials and the arms and legs of the bear are proportionate to the body. Not all manufactures make bears of this quality.

  • I Love You Bear
    Made By: Big Plush
    Size: 5 Feet.
    Color: Off White.
    Why We Like It: It is made in the USA with new materials by a company with a good reputation. The addition of the T Shirt adds a nice touch to this life size big bear.

  • Yesbears Giant Teddy
    Made By: Yesbears.
    Size: 5 Feet.
    Color: Brown.
    Why We Like It: Extra fluffy bear that is a little cheaper than some of the others featured. Made in the USA and has free shipping which is great for oversized items such as this. It also comes with the pillow pictured.

  • Cute Cuddles
    Made By: Giant Teddy.
    Size: 5 Feet.
    Color: Dark Brown.
    Why We Like It: USA made by a well respected manufacturer. It also has a unique rich dark chocolate plush coat.

  • Life Size Panda Bear
    Size: 5 Feet.
    Color: Black/White.
    Why We Like It: A large teddy bear in the unique form of a Panda. For those who love something a bit non traditional.

  • Coco Cuddles
    Size: 5 Feet.
    Color: White.
    Why We Like It: Unlike cheaper bears, this one is true to tradition. Classic style with proportionate limbs and quality materials. If this is for a small child, think carefully about getting a white bear!

FAQ’s On Big 5 Foot Teddy Bears

Is a five foot bear big enough?

Yes, it is a pretty good sized bear. You can go with a 6 foot bear if you want the ultimate in shock effect but a 5 foot life size teddy bear will be more manageable and portable.

What should I look for in a big 5 foot bear?

I recommend choosing domestic bears. Bears made overseas tend to be of lessor quality. This is a statement gift and you do not want it to look cheap. The difference between a cheap bear and a good one is less than $50 and the difference in quality is huge.

Is a 5 foot bear a good gift?

Yes, it is very unique. Kids will love it and your sweetheart will appreciate the sentiment and enjoy being a kid again.

Is this size bear human size?

You can get slightly larger bears but I would consider bears in the 5 to 6 foot range life sized or human sized. So, yes, this is the right sized bear if you want one the same size as you.

Before Buying A Life Size Bear

There are some things that you should think of before you buy a large bear in the five foot range. So, before you whip out your credit card and take the plunge, read the tips below.

Life Size Bears are Big

It goes without saying that these are some mighty big bears. I mean you are talking about a bear in the 5 to 6 foot range. Make sure that the recipient of this gift has room to store it. If it is for your girlfriend and she lives in a 250 square foot efficiency, she might not be so appreciative. If space is of an issue, you might be better off with a smaller but still big bear in the 3 foot range.

Quality Does Not Come Cheap

If you want a nice bear, do not expect to get it at a bargain price. Cheap bears look and feel cheap. If you want something that will hold up, that is soft and that looks like an American teddy bear, expect to pay around $100 for your 5 foot bear.

Know Your Big Bear Recipient

A 5 foot teddy bear makes a great gift but they are not for everyone. Make sure that your gift recipient has a whimsical side. If they are all serious and practical, they might not enjoy the bear. That being said, these bears make great gifts for loved ones, children, recent graduates or anyone that needs a smile or some cheering up.