Melissa And Doug Jumbo Teddy Bear Review

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If you have a child, you probably recognize the name “Melissa & Doug”. They are known for providing quality products that are both durable and safe for your child. When you have something like a teddy bear, this is important. Your kid will be, after all, spending every waking second with this thing for some time. You want to make sure it is made of good materials and that it is free of dangerous chemicals. The M&D bear comes in three colors, pink, blue and brown.

Why We Like It

Simply look at the reviews and you can tell that the bear is quality. The vast majority of the reviews that we have seen are 5 star ones with a few nitpickly folks posting 4 star reviews. Even those who had something negative to say said that they would buy it again. In addition, we like the fact that it is made in the USA. Why is that important? Because you really do not know what you are getting from overseas. Often the product will look different and many will be made using recycled stuffing. Do you want your kid hugging a recycled doll? Probably not. That is why if I were looking for a jumbo bear for my child, the Melissa & Doug bear would be on my radar.

Available Colors

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