Purple Teddy Bears

Need to gift a purple teddy bear. Well, they can be hard to find. Most bears on the market seem to be the classic brown or even black color. This is where we come in. We have done the leg work and found the 5 best purple bears on the market and put them all in one place for you to see at once. Enjoy.

  • 6 Foot Purple Bear
    Size: 6 feet.
    Color: Purple.
    Why We Like It: Extremely cheap for a 6 foot tall bear. You do have to add the stuffing yourself but this is why you get such a great deal and filling is inexpensive.
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  • Purple Plush Panda
    Size: 11 Inches.
    Color: Purple and White..
    Why We Like It: It is a very popular and highly reviewed bear in a classic two tone pattern with a not so classic but stylish purple color.
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  • Kaylee & Ryan Purple Giant Teddy
    Size: 31.5 Inches or 40 Inches.
    Color: Lavender.
    Why We Like It: High quality bear that comes in two great sizes. A big bear for a good price.
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  • Purple Care Bear
    Size: 12 Inches.
    Color: Purple.
    Why We Like It: Really, who doesn’t like a Care Bear.
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  • Big Plush Five Foot Bear
    Size: 5 Foot.
    Color: Purple.
    Why We Like It: Made in the USA from a respected company and comes filled with premium fluff.
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