Ugly Teddy Bears

Looking for an ugly teddy bear? They can be hard to find because most companies just don’t sell them. Even ugly teddy bears need love though so here are a few of our top picks for less than good looking bears. Enjoy.

  • Ugly Ted
    Check Price on Amazon.
    Made By: Ugly Ted
    Description: Ugly Ted is one of the ugliest teddy bears on the market and he is tired of being ignored. Can you love an ugly bear?
    ugly ted
  • Ugly Snugglies
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    Made By: Ugly Snugglies
    Description: So ugly that it is cute. has five hidden compartments.
    ugly bear
  • Wolfman Ox
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    Made By: Gund
    Description: Not the prettiest huggable creature but it comes from one of the most respected names, Gund.
    ugly teddy

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